Mark Alan Richards

Swapping to 11ty


NAS out, 11ty in

I stored the source code for the previous blog in a home nas.

A great little nas: 7 drives in a RAID Z3 setup on an ASRock C2550D4I with ecc ram.

However, the motherboard isn't too happy and after swapping that out for an upgrade, two drives started erroring during a ZFS scrub.

So now I need a new NAS and whilst I await parts to arrive, I'm not turning the old one on.

From build to src

The built Jekyll site is available publicly, so I can convert from rendered Jekyll HTML back to src posts I can rebuild with 11ty.

As part of doing this I've realised

So I am

Next steps

The kids are getting older and so I will hopefully have a little more free time.

Therefore, I might write some more posts and give this blog a little more love.

Also, I might start exploring Markdown plugins for diagrams... I wonder whether I should aim for Mermaid or PlantUML.